Sunday, December 4, 2011


Birthdays are special for me.Not only mine ;) I mean especially mine but that doesn't make me selfish right?
Every time when it is a birthday of my family members or the extended family or my friends I just love to wish them and let them know how happy I am for their presence in my life!! Planning for a party or getting the cake or doing some thing festive for them gives me a sense of purpose to make the day extra special for them.

Last year when i turned 25, it made me feel like as if i finally entered the grown up world but now when the year passed by and I turned into 26 all I can say is I feel that panic of how days are going by unnoticed and in turn making me older everyday.......It reminds me of that episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where they all turn 30 and how Joey cries "Why GOD!! Why are you doing this to us". Hence instead of just letting this year without achieving nothing(Oh! Don't forget those few extra kilos), I decided to prepare a TO-DO list for this year....

I am actually habituated to making lists and not following them...but right now i decided it would be better for me to add this point of acting on my resolutions to my LIST.

  1. Reduce Caffeine intake.Have coffee daily in the tea cup not the coffee mug!!
  2. Try not to miss the beautiful Sunrise once in a week.
  3. Join as a volunteer in any NGO and contribute something for society.
  4. Resume writing poetry and stories and update the blog regularly.
  5. Maintain BMI in the normal range
  6. Own an Apple Mac book or Alien ware Laptop.
  7. Read at least one author's complete collection apart from Nicholas Sparks and  J.K Rowling.
  8. Start meditation and join Art of Living course.
  9. Muster enough courage to drive car alone.
  10. Getting back in touch with school friends.
  11. Maintain minimum balance of one month's salary in all the bank accounts.
  12. Learn to speak fluently in one foreign language or a music instrument or a different cuisine or all three together.
  13. Stop using shortcuts while typing in English.
  14. Learn about a new game and follow it religiously.
  15. Learn to execute the things planned.
Think its time for me to go and start enjoying MY day today!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Think i'm back for good!!

After trying to keep all my thoughts and ideas jailed up in my mind...i think its time i am back to be myself.. irrespective of what others think or feel about things i write..I had few people coming back to me and asking me abt how i managed to bottle up all my feelings without jolting them down in one of the many notebooks i buy...yep i have this obsession to buy all those pretty notepads and notebooks available in Landmark/Archie's and keep them aside to write what ever i feel....But since last year i can see only the book pile increasing and thought process diminishing as everything started looking normal!!
Today after such a long time i feel like writing again....i mean whatever i write no matter how significant it is..i feel like being in touch my myself...Now and then i read the silly entries i made in my internal blog of Infy and laugh aloud wondering how beautiful and childish my thoughts were then!! Now i don't actually think i made a progress in my thought process but some how thoughts and ideas started becoming lil serious simultaneously adding a frown to my face whenever i indulge in thinking!!
 By the way adding again to this post....Folks, I am afraid of dogs...No matter what you think and how you laugh the fact remains the same...I have severe cynophobia and whenever there is an unleashed dog around i just freeze and u can fill a beaker with my tears so plz it might seem funny for u but NOT for me!!

Ok next things next............Went to Dubai this year and had a beautiful and romantic vacation with my sweet heart...had a fantastic time will update the same in my next blog!!