Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Greetings from Stockholm! Been here since more than one year and I still feel like I've just entered this beautiful and cold country.Coming to Europe with my husband allowed to have the first hand experience of a culture completely different from my own.
Here I experienced my first snow,saw the colours of autumn and enjoyed Kanelbullar.

Coming to the point, I have visited Prague last week and loved it.This is the seventh country I visited after coming to Stockholm.We celebrated our sixth anniversary and the last twenty something birthday of mine here.Next year I can no longer tell anyone that I am in my twenties. Everyone say that once you are in your thirties you will have your priorities set and have the life all planned.I still have around 340 days or so to figure that out ;).

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Birthdays are special for me.Not only mine ;) I mean especially mine but that doesn't make me selfish right?
Every time when it is a birthday of my family members or the extended family or my friends I just love to wish them and let them know how happy I am for their presence in my life!! Planning for a party or getting the cake or doing some thing festive for them gives me a sense of purpose to make the day extra special for them.

Last year when i turned 25, it made me feel like as if i finally entered the grown up world but now when the year passed by and I turned into 26 all I can say is I feel that panic of how days are going by unnoticed and in turn making me older everyday.......It reminds me of that episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where they all turn 30 and how Joey cries "Why GOD!! Why are you doing this to us". Hence instead of just letting this year without achieving nothing(Oh! Don't forget those few extra kilos), I decided to prepare a TO-DO list for this year....

I am actually habituated to making lists and not following them...but right now i decided it would be better for me to add this point of acting on my resolutions to my LIST.

  1. Reduce Caffeine intake.Have coffee daily in the tea cup not the coffee mug!!
  2. Try not to miss the beautiful Sunrise once in a week.
  3. Join as a volunteer in any NGO and contribute something for society.
  4. Resume writing poetry and stories and update the blog regularly.
  5. Maintain BMI in the normal range
  6. Own an Apple Mac book or Alien ware Laptop.
  7. Read at least one author's complete collection apart from Nicholas Sparks and  J.K Rowling.
  8. Start meditation and join Art of Living course.
  9. Muster enough courage to drive car alone.
  10. Getting back in touch with school friends.
  11. Maintain minimum balance of one month's salary in all the bank accounts.
  12. Learn to speak fluently in one foreign language or a music instrument or a different cuisine or all three together.
  13. Stop using shortcuts while typing in English.
  14. Learn about a new game and follow it religiously.
  15. Learn to execute the things planned.
Think its time for me to go and start enjoying MY day today!!!